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About Us

Marquez and Megan have a collective dedicated passion for empowering youth in our community.  This vision began while both were in the role of QMHP, providing Community Mental Health Services, and began to see a need for the mentorship role in our community.  They also saw the growing need of a diverse staff to serve all communities.  Integrity Mentoring services allows for a therapeutic service while outside of the typical therapeutic setting of an office. 


In this climate every child is not afforded equal opportunity , and so many children fall through the cracks in society . Needs are ignored due to many reasons outside of our control . Integrity Mentoring was created to attend to the needs of the children . Every young person is seen ,

heard , noticed , and cared for . Integrity Mentoring, in the past year has limited attention to the media and centered on the children we work with . We have partnered with surrounding community members and organizations to create an atmosphere of Leaders and Role Models


Marquez Mitchell
Co-Owner ; CEO


​The program's mission is to develop a positive atmosphere of Future Leaders and Role Models.  We encourage adolescents, and teens that display helpless and hopeless attributes, to achieve leadership & prosperity through therapeutic interaction.




Megan Argaud
Co-Owner ; COO

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